Physical therapy & Coaching

Physical therapy (Physiotherapy) practise in Amsterdam de Pijp, Rivierenbuurt and Oud-Zuid

Specialized in treatment of physical symptoms with a psychological component. To make an appointment call or text me (06-18480161), send me a Whatsapp (Click here) or email me (info[at]

drs. Francine Herrebrugh
Physical therapist (Physiotherapist) & Psychologist

BIG and CKR registered.


You can contact me for all your physical problems and/or psychological illness. You don’t need a referral from your doctor (“huisarts”). My therapy is focused on addressing and eliminating your symptoms as soon as possible, followed by treatment preventing symptoms to return.  As physical therapist (physiotherapist) I know that physical symptoms often have a psychological cause, and as psychologist I know that a good physical condition  positively impacts ones psychological well-being.


Physical therapy (Physiotherapy):

– treatment of sport injuries
– anthralgia (‘aching joints’) and back problems
– rehabilitation after an accident or surgery
– massage


– hyperventilation
– chronic fatigue
– tension headache
– anxiety disorder and depression
– burn-­out problems
– physical symptoms with likely psychological cause

Practical information

– The practise is located in de Pijp in Amsterdam. Address: Tweede van der Helststraat 25, Amsterdam.
– Physiotherapy sessions are also possible at home (de Pijp, Oud-Zuid and Rivierenbuurt).
– Referral from doctor is not required.

To make an appointment you can call or text me (06-18480161) or email me (info[at]  You can also fill in the contact form under ‘Contact’.

It is possible to make appointments in the evening and on Saturday!


About me

physical therapy, physical therapist and psychologist

My name is Francine Herrebrugh (1973) and I am a physical therapist (physiotherapist) since 1997. From 1997-2001 I studied psychology at the University of Amsterdam, while working part-time as physical therapist. I have worked in several physical therapy practises in Amsterdam, as well as a health clinic in Bilthoven. In 2012 I started my own physical therapy practise in Amsterdam de Pijp (Oud Zuid).

My educational and professional background in both the physical and mental aspects of the human body and mind, allows me to offer my patients/clients the right type of treatment. In some cases the treatment will be purely focused on solving the physical symptoms, in other cases the physical symptoms are caused by mental problems requiring a combination treatment.